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Nanisha Rheumatology Clinic is a super speciality clinic. It deals with all kinds of autoimmune disorder like Rheumatoid arthritis and other immune disorders. The clinic is being run under care of a well experienced, dedicated and renowned doctor. Dr AARTI SHARMA has a vast clinical experience. She was earlier in AIIMS, New Delhi as a professor in dept of Rheumatology. She holds an experience of giving thousands of Intra Articular Injections. We aim to provide genuine, affordable, comprehensive and world-class care to all segments of society. Centre has gained tremendous faith and response from our patients. We cater patients not only from Delhi/NCR but across India and many international patients often seek consultation at our centre.

Facilities available
• Metropolis Lab - Indian’s largest and most reputed lab.
• Complete Arthritis Packages
• Home Collection facility
• Intra Articular Injections
• Synovial fluid aspiration
• Subcutaneous biologic injections
• Other subcutaneous injections

King George’s Medical University , Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
DM Rheumatology

Dr RML Hospital and PGIMER , Delhi University, New Delhi
Doctor of Medicine (MD), General Medicine

Lady Harding Medical College, Delhi
Delhi University (DU)
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

June 2011 – Sept 2012
Senior Resident in Dr RML Hospital and PGIMER, New Delhi

December 2015- August 2018
Assistant professor , Department of Rheumatology– AIIMS, New Delhi

August 2018 – till now
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

October 2014 (as part of DM thesis)
A Preliminary study of association of G to A ANKH gene mutation in patients of primary knee osteoarthritis

September 2014 – present
A cross-sectional study of platelet-rich plasma therapy in patients of primary knee osteoarthritis (Provisional Director Controller General of India, DGGI, approval has been obtained. Awaiting final clinical trial registration number)

Jan 2009 – Jan 2010
(As a part of MD thesis project)
A cross-sectional study of endothelial dysfunction in HIV patients

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Published Abstracts
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Aarti Sharma, Nilesh Nolkha, Anupam Wakhlu, Siddharth Kumar Das. Parvo Virus-Induced Scleredema: a Rare Manifestation. December 7th, 2013. The annual conference of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRACON).
Vishal Gupta, Aarti Sharma. Hypercalcemia as a manifestation of malignancy. January 2010, Annual conference of the Association of Physicians of India (APICON).

Aarti Sharma, Vishal Gupta. A longitudinal study of cardiac manifestations in Dengue patients. January 2010, Annual conference of the Association of Physicians of India (APICON).
International Presentation - Aarti Sharma, Dr Siddharth Das, Dr Ragini Srivastava, Dr Anupam Wakhlu, Dr Puneet Kumar. A preliminary study of Association of ANKH gene mutation in patients of primary knee osteoarthritis. Asia Pacific League of Associations of Rheumatology (APLAR), September 2015.

August 2018 – 2nd National Congress on Osteoarthritis: Update and research (OACON) – Pune , Maharashtra.
March – April 2018 – Vasculitis conference, PGI Chandigarh, Punjab.
October 2017- Ten topics in Rheumatology, Gangaram, New Delhi.
November 2017 - Annual conference of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRACON), Lucknow, UP.
November 2016 – Annual conference of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRACON), Kochi.
September 2015 - 17th Asia Pacific League of Association of Rheumatology
September 2015 – 31st Annual conference of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRACON), Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
January 2015 – 1st Indian Meeting on Extremity MRI in Rheumatology, CMC, Vellore.
November 2014 - 30th Annual conference of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRACON). Chandigarh, Punjab.
September 2014 – Xth National Autoantibody Workshop held by Department of Clinical Immunology, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, UP
August 2014 - Workshop on musculoskeletal ultrasound in 5th Lucknow Ultrasound Course. SGPGI, Lucknow, UP
August 2014 – CME on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. King George’s Medical College (KGMU), Lucknow, UP
July 2014 – 1st Update on Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Disease, King George’s Medical University ( KGMU ), Lucknow, UP
July 2014 – Essentials of Real-Time PCR in Viral Diagnosis. KGMU, Lucknow, UP
December 2013 – 29th Annual conference of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRACON).
December 2012 – 1st National Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Workshop held by Department of Clinical Immunology, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, UP.
CME 2010 – Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Dr RML Hospital in association with Association of Physicians of India (Delhi Chapter) and Royal College of Physician of Ireland (Indian Chapter), New Delhi.
January 2010 - 67th Annual Conference of the Association of Physicians of India (APICON).
March 2010 – participated in Torrent Young Scholar Award Programme ., New De;hi
December 2008 – Medicine Update – Maulana Azad Medical College , New Delhi

Awareness Programmes
Was a part of lupus awareness programme (2016) being organised in AIIMS, New Delhi
Arthritis Awareness Programme – AIIMS , New Delhi, October (2016)

“DMARDS” , For MBBS students , AIIMS , New Delhi – March 2016
“Myositis specific and associated autoantibodies” , For DNB (Rheumatology) students as part of Delhi Rheumatology Association – AIIMS ,New Delhi – April 2016
“RA and air pollution“ , Clinical grand Round , AIIMS ,New Delhi –– November 2016
“Early Diagnosis of knee OA “, Society of osteoarthritis and research (SOAR) , Lucknow, UP – November 2016
“Epidemiology, pathogenesis and classification of Ankylosing Spondylitis”- DMACON – Delhi- December 2016
“ Rheumatoid arthritis” – DMACON , Delhi- in pannel discussion – December 2016
“ Management of RA”, for orthopedicians- Delhi- December 2016
“CTD associated pulmonary artery hypertension and ILD” – Delhi rheumatology update, as moderator in pannel discussion – February 2017
“Lupus Nephritis- recent advances” – Delhi Rheumatology Update, as chairperson – February 2017
“Rheumatoid arthritis – extra articular complications” – AIIMS, New Delhi, Nurses’ lecture – February 2017, March 2017, April 2017
“Role of biologics in rheumatology” – ESI, Faridabad, Physician lecture- March 2017
“Immunosuppressants” – MBBS students , AIIMS , New Delhi – April 2017
“Common Rheumatological symptoms, diseases, complications and treatment” – SPEEDCON, Delhi- in pannel discussion- May 2017
“Biologics in PsA” – Ten Topics in Rheumatology, Rheumatology uvea update (Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) ,New Delhi, as chairperson – November 2017
“Interesting case discussion” – Panel Discussion – Delhi Rheumatology Update (Medanta), Gurugram – February 2018
“MCTD, Systemic sclerosis, Sjogren syndrome, overlap syndromes” – Speaker- MBBS Students, AIIMS, New Delhi – March 2018
“Clinical Experience Exchange Round table on Tofacitinib in RA- from trials to real world experience” –Case Discussion- New Delhi- June 2018
“Achieving and maintaining remission in RA” – RA Symposium – Speaker- New Delhi- 1st July 2018
“Burden of knee OA” – OACON and MRACON 2018 – Speaker – Pune, Maharashtra – 31st August 2018
“ Clinical Manifestations of PsA” – Speaker – North Delhi, Dermatology society – 26 October 2018
“Tofacitinib – MOA and role in RA pathogenesis” –Speaker- ESI (Basai) – 31 October 2018
“ Evolving trends in treatment of RA “ – Speaker- West Delhi Orthopedician society- November 2018
“Kawasaki Disease”- Speaker – PCNI (Pediatric Conference of North India) , New Delhi – 24 November 2018
“Spondyloarthritis clinical manifestations and treatment “ – Speaker- Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi – 14 February 2019
“Use and Misuse of autoantibodies in Rheumatological Practice” – Speaker – Maulana Azad medical college,Medicine Update, New Delhi – 9 March 2019
“Spondyloarthritis overview and management “ – Speaker – North Delhi Physicians Forum- 17 March 2019
“Rituximab in anca associated vasculitis” – Faculty in Panel Discussion – New Delhi- 15 March 2019
“TNF inhibitors – efficacy “ Debate – Speaker- Indo Uk Conference , Gurugram, Haryana- 29 March 2019
“Celebrating Rheumatology” – Speaker and chairperson – “ Osteoarthritis”- Lucknow, UP
9 May 2019
“Treatment Of RA” – Speaker- Maharaja Agrasen Hospital , Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi- 17 May 2019
“Approach to polyarthritis” – Speaker- West Delhi Physician Forum- 18 may 2019
“Role of Denosumab in OP”- Ad Board – New Delhi - 24 May 2019ss
“PsA- pathogenesis and management”- Panipat, Haryana- June 11 2019

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